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Monday, April 11, 2011

What's in a Name?

“Mary Poppins, is that your name? It’s lovely.”

I have heard that so many times.

Ok, it’s actually, “Ivy Bliss, is that your name? It’s lovely.”

Yes. Ivy Bliss is my name. My first and middle name. I tend to just go by that, my last name is difficult to spell – not because it is hard, but because it could be spelled in so many different ways, due to phonetics. Also because when people see it on paper, it is always said wrong.

And, of course, there’s a story behind it. My parents are not hippies. That’s me, remember?

My mom doesn't.
My parents worked at a ski resort in Colorado long before I was born. My mom was a maid, and my dad ran the ski lift. They met several famous people in that time. My mom met Lucille Ball. My mom is not a fan. Apparently, Lucy lined up the maids and hand-picked who was allowed in her room. She told them who looked like a thief and who was pretty enough to clean her room. I have heard that story my whole life. Therefore, I have never seen a single episode of I Love Lucy.

However, my dad met Buddy Hackett, and his daughter, who was very young, maybe four or five at the time. This little girl fell in love with my dad. Her name was Ivy. And for some reason, it stuck.

On their way to the agency to pick me up, they stopped to get something to eat. Their waitress’s name was Bliss. And it worked with Ivy.

So there you go, I am Ivy Bliss.


  1. Believe it or not....Ivy was on the list of girl names when I was preggers with Raquel. It's a lovely name and I also love Ivy, the plant.
    I love hearing stories like this...very interesting.


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  3. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of it.televisori lcd

  4. i love stories behind names. I have an odd name myself and i don't mind when people ask how i came by it. thanks for sharing, and great meeting you through the a-z!

  5. What a unique name! I'm jealous, not because I want your name as I don't think it's befitting for a man, but because I love the originality and uniqueness of it. And great anecdotal story!

  6. One of my favorite little girls is an Ivy, I call her Ivy Love, it fits!

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  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I'm going to make my way to your blogs and read your stuff! :)