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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Favorite-est Cousin and the Case of the Sweet Sleeves

Let me begin by saying that I have been on lock-down since Friday around 4. It has been voluntary. I am house-sitting and one of the dogs is injured and needs me. And I am happy to oblige. So, the only contact I have had with people in just over 48 hours is via text, phone, email. And of course, my two journeys to Starbucks (mandatory, every morning) and Betsy, my super-duper friend and massage therapist, who came to me. Today there was a That 70s Show marathon on television, so I have been pretty content.

Suddenly, about five minutes ago, I hear “Sunshine of Your Love” blaring to my left, so I pick up my phone to check the text. This is the point in the day when I got shocked out of my only-puppies-no-people-no-stress-no-worries-zen-of-a-nice-quiet-weekend zone.

I see this:

                                            Jordan's comment: Sweet Sleeves. :)

I do not know what grade this was. I’m guessing first, possibly second. Only because I am missing some teeth. I am also in awe myself of those sleeves. How could anyone smile wearing something that atrocious? I think I could have my mom arrested for child abuse for making me wear something like that, much less on picture day.

Thanks, Jordan. You used to be my favorite cousin. Now I’m going to have to go hire some poor soul to take your place.

She said she was looking through photo albums. I’m horrified to think what the next text will bring…

UPDATE.  Ready to hit publish post, and they start flooding in.  For your viewing pleasure, and in honor of my crazy pouty-lip-smile, here is picture number 2.

                                       Jordan's comment: Nice hair!

And 3.

         Wow.  The 80s didn't have a chance with me and my shiny velvet around!

Check out the vest. Antiques Roadshow, here I come!
       Maybe I was 3? 4? I certainly wasn't old enough to pick out my own clothes.

And the final one I'll share today. I've got to go have a long talk with my mother.   Right.  Now.

                                     Jordan's comment:  Gonna play some rugby?