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Monday, September 13, 2010

Awards...and a sneak of what's to come!

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you have all forgot about me.  I have not forgotten about you.  I have, however been extremely busy and have so much to write about!  I'll try to keep this on track and focused, and update you all slowly in the very near future on the goings-on as of late.

Before I update you all, I have to acknowledge that Olivia from That Rebel With a Blog and my friend from way before cyber-space was an galaxy, has given me an award.  Probably undeserved, as I have been a lame blogger and an out-of-touch friend.  Nonetheless, she has bestowed the "Circle of Friends" award upon me.  It's nice to be remembered and thought of.  It fills my heart with joy. 

I am supposed to give this to others.  The first three are people I know personally.

So first, I must give it back to Olivia.  She is and always has been a constant in my life.  Whether near or far, every time I hear from her, we are real and honest and open with each other.  And it never matters how long it has been since we have talked or seen each other.  Her writing on here keeps me motivated and reminds me to continue with my own. 

Ric over at Marketing Your Business Online is also a face-to-face friend.  He is an inspiration to me in many ways, both business and personal-wise.  I am at home in the home he shares with his wife, I am can be myself around them, nothing more, nothing less.  I have learned the value of working for a goal and doing what you love from him.  He is a true champion.

Pam at Soft Smiles Oral Health Training and Education is Ric's wife.  As much as I have learned from Ric, I have learned the same ten-fold, and then some from Pam.  Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.  I've never met anyone who lived up to this phrase like her. 

Jerry at Gently Said has been a faithful reader and has constantly commented and encouraged me.  Jerry, I'll get back over and read some of your posts!  You'll hear from me soon! Promise!

So, for now, I need to sign off.  But let me give you a sneaker of the next posts.  Since I've been here last, I have moved, cooked, and made jelly from my grandma's recipe.  I will be writing about these expierences.  I have never really cooked before, so it has certainly been entertaining.

Later, gators!