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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Attempt #3,562,947...and more than ever before!

My life is filled with music and musicians. I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.
In addition to what I hear on the radio, I have a generous supply of people who I cherish that supply me with the thrill of live, sometimes personal, concerts. There is something that happens to me when the music starts. I have attempted to it into words many times, with very little success. It is just too intense, the emotion swallows me before I can get the words out.
Here is my attempt for today. We'll call it attempt number 3,562,947. Just for the sake of a title.
I had the honor of going to the Melissa Etheridge concert last night with my big sister and best friend, Joy. The super honor is that this is the second time we have seen her. There is little better than live music, but live music in a room with several people with the same burning inside is incredible...
To hear a songwriter share their soul and life's work is possibly one of the greatest gifts to receive. The small pieces of their lives they give in between songs intensifies the expirience.
Not that I have to even say it out loud, but Melissa rocked! I mean, she ripped the place apart! I wondered how she doesn't break a guitar every night, how she still has a voice, how her throat isn't split in half! I got stuck in a hypnotic trance more than once, in fact, probably for most of the night.
First it's the drums. My feet start, and set the pace for my body to follow. My head starts to bob a little. The guitar starts. My arms move. My torso follows.
Then I'm gone. I don't hear anything but the music. I don't feel anything except where it takes me. And where that is is different every time.
So right now, as I write this, two of my favorite people are performing. This is the first of about five live shows with them this week, including a jam tomorrow with just them and my boyfriend. All I have to do is sit, listen, and pet the dogs.
I can't think of a better week.
As my feelings erupted when the music started tonight, the words "WRITE NOW!" came screaming to my head. So I obeyed. I figured if I was able to get even a piece out, this could be way more successful than any prior trial. It feels amazing to write this much about music. My insides are, as per usual, exploding with emotion as the guitars go and the harmony reigns supreme.
I feel alive.
I feel content.
I feel enveloped
I feel love.
I feel free.

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