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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't posted the last two days for the A-Z Blogfest.  The days just got away from me.  So, without further ado, G (Friday).

Green is my favorite color. It always has been. In all shades, except bright lime green.

Some think it is because of my name. Some think it is because it’s where I come from. Some think it is because of nature, because of the trees I used to climb or lay under and the grass I would lay in.

I guess they are all right. Kind of.

My name is Ivy, so by default, green was bound to me from the beginning. So maybe I was born this way.

Shickley Longhorn Helmet

I am from a small town. In a town that size, high school sports are pretty much everything. Shickley Longhorns. Go green! The school colors are green and white. I grew up wearing green. So maybe I was brainwashed.

A tree outside the town I'm from in Nebraska.
One of my favorites.
Then there is nature. I spent my childhood outside. I would climb a tree and sit as far up as I could go. I remember picking the best branch, the one with the biggest and greenest leaves, and that is the one I would sit on. Or I would find the biggest shade I could find and sit under it. I love to sit under trees and read or write or stare off into spare. I would run through the fields and the grass until I fell down. Grass makes a better bed sometimes than an actual bed. So maybe it’s just in me.

I don’t know why I like green. I just do. It’s part of my life, and always has been. It can calm me like very little, just by looking at it or thinking, concentrating on the color.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Colors can tell you a lot about a person.

    I've always been more partial to blue or purple, but I'm not sure if I can put my finger on why. ;)