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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Top Ten List That DIDN'T Make The List

I'm late. I'm always late.

I saw a post last night on facebook that my Olivia had posted her top ten favorite TV shows of all time. I thought to myself (and said out loud to myself) “I will definitely read that tomorrow!” I was trying to make myself turn off the computer and make myself go to sleep.

So today, yesterday's tomorrow, I logged into find Olivia's blog, and it is not just a list, it is a blogfest. I do not participate in many of these, but this one was certainly intriguing. First, I love love love television! I have loved it for my whole big entire life. Second, I love retro television. In part, because Ted Turner ran reruns when I was little and living in Nebraska and baby, it's COLD outside for about five months a year. Third, television is now something of a novelty. There is little to be proud of anymore, little to say “I have to get home! (Blank) is on and I must see it!” Reality shows and drunken sex parties (not that there's anything wrong with that!) have taken over. It's like all the writers decided they didn't want to be writers anymore and just found the most ignorant representation of Americans they could find, and said, “Hey, would you like to be on TV?”

As I was reading Olivia's list, I found myself making my own. So I clicked over to the blogfest, and sadly, it ended yesterday.

But I've decided to make a list anyway. I can't help it.

You will see many of these shows are above my age, but you can take that up with Ted Turner. Also, a lot of this is past tense. It doesn't matter. It's of all time.

10. One Day at a Time
I don't really know what this show is, other than another single mom in the 70s who needs the help and antics of a man with a tool belt (Schneider). I had dreams of being tall and skinny with great big teeth like Mackenzie Phillips. Alas, still 4'10”. But my teeth are very nice.
I also loved The Mamas and The Papas, so it was fascinating to me that she was Papa John's daughter.  That was really cool, until her recent revelation.  Crap.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Must. Change. Subject.

9. The Partridge Family
Oh, how I love love love David Cassidy! I have loved him since I was a wee little girl! That flowing hair, that beautiful voice. I watched the Partridge Family every time I could find it on television. I could not get enough! I even checked out the Partridge Family books at the library when I was little! Even today, if I come across it, I stop and sigh.

8. Sisters
This was my must-record-show. I loved everything about it. “...friends come and go, parents die, but you'll always have your sisters.”

7. The Brady Bunch
As with everyone my age and about five years older, I have been watching this show for as long as I can remember. Corny, cheesy, undeniably out-of-touch with the reality of the seventies (sans the hair and clothes), this show is good fun! (sans cousin Oliver)

6. The West Wing
I have every season of this show on DVD. The writing is brilliant, the actors too perfect for the characters they play, and very realistic, even idealistic, of a great government.

5. Big Love
OBSESSION! I officially love Mormons because of this show. My only wish is that HBO would get its crap together and make more episodes for a season.  Home Plus is Us+Us+Us.

4. Glee
Yep. I'm a GLEEK. This show is amazing, and the talent in these actors is unprecedented. New season starts tonight! YAY! Sorry, back to the topic. I was a bit embarrassed to watch this show the first time, but my choices are running slim for scripted-television. I was so excited when it was over! It blew me away!  "This show is my I have to get home!  BLANK GLEE IS ON!"

3. All in the Family
Life doesn't get much better than Archie Bunker spitting instead of swearing, insulting everyone and everything around him, and Edith's annoying little voice!  And, of course, any show that can use the word meathead over and over and it still be funny has my vote!

2. The Golden Girls
As I've mentioned before, I have a slight obsession with Betty White. This show is the reason. I still watch the reruns.

1. Family Ties
I don't know if you are aware, but I was going to marry Michael J. Fox. We were going to be so happy together. We are both short, have brown hair, and he was my density, I mean, my destiny. Unfortunately, Ellen, um, Tracy Pollen stepped in front of me and made him forget all about me. Regardless, I still love this show, the contrast between the hippie parents and conservative 80s kids.
There's my list.  I'm late, I won't be part of the blogfest.  But man!  That was fun!


  1. Never too late to be on the list. The blogfests are great ways to add followers and now you have another new one.
    Cable and satellite have been such a great way to keep old shows alive. Local syndication reruns can only show so many programs. I love the Turner movie station and I probably watch that as much as anything.
    "All In The Family" is my favorite from your list.


    Tossing It Out

  2. Thanks, Lee! I'll hope over to your blog and check it out! Your comments are very much appreciated.

  3. You picked some oldies and goodies!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  4. I loved All in the Family, too. Still, today these episodes hit home.

    I'm glad you jumped in to the Blogfest. Late is usually acceptable with these things. :) If you're interested there's a Writing Compelling Characters Blogfest at Elana's blog on the 24th, I'm pretty sure that's Friday. There are over 100 people participating. No rules, just whatever you come up with. I'll most likely post a scene but anything goes!

    Love your list, that rebel, Olivia

  5. I'll check that out, thanks, Olivia!

  6. Im too young to know most of these shows but glee is pretty good and i loved the brady bunch :)

  7. I love your whole list; I saw David Cassidy in concert when I was eleven(I think I loved him)yes, I'm singing! I am a gLeek...I will be
    with my daughter tonight, smiling and singing while waiting for the season premiere~

  8. I've never seen big love but I have seen my share of polygamist families and I'm sure they are no where near as fun as the show made them out to be, their hair style alone gives me nightmares.

  9. Kelly - Thanks for your comment. Everyone loves the Brady Bunch! :) I will be sad the day it finally goes off the air!
    Ellie - JEALOUS! I think I would pass out if I was even in the same zip code as David Cassidy! It's great to meet a fellow gleek!
    Carol - Are you in Utah? You should watch it! See if you can rent the first few seasons? If you do, please let me know if this is anything like the ones you have seen! The 'compound Mormons' on the show are crazy as crap and totally freaky. They are pretty tru-to-form, I read somewhere that the producers went to a compound and observed and talked to real Mormons to get their facts right. And the contrast between them and the ones living in the 'real world' is amazing. It's similar, just in a different way. There's also a new show coming to TLC called Sister Wives this year. It's a reality show that I might just have to check out!