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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thongs, Whale Tails, and Other Variations of Big Girl Panties

i.e. my sister’s bachelorette party in Florida.

As the oldest in a group of eight - the big sister, I felt pseudo-responsible, while feeling like they are adults and should take care of themselves. My second instinct was right. I have no control. None.

My sister, the blonde, thought it was a good idea to go get a spray tan before we left so she wouldn’t get burned. Probably a good idea, except for the following:

1. She wore a thong and ended up with something called a whale tail, which, in my old age, I had never heard of,
2. The sun didn’t come out once. Cloudy and rainy all weekend.

The weekend wasn’t a total bust. I found I am not the only one in granny panties. Actually, I don’t even wear granny panties, but I certainly do not wear thongs, and apparently, that puts me in a minority. I decided that my underwear is the true big girl variety, though the others think their version is, too. It must be personal preference.

I found that I do like my life here in Georgia. My friends, my routines, my choices. Not everyone agrees with my life, but not everyone has to agree. Only I do. I missed hiking. I missed the band, who played two shows while I was gone – the first two shows I have missed in two years! I missed the peace of my room at night when I wanted to sleep, but couldn’t – there were seven girls who did not think sleep was interesting. I missed drama-free living.

But I had a pretty good time. My sister’s friends are not people I would normally run with. But they are fun in their own way. We laughed a lot. We stood in awe of the airbrush station in Wal-Mart. We went to the beach in spite of the clouds and the rain. We watched a couple get married on the beach in spite of the clouds and the rain. We toasted my sister and celebrated her emergence into this new life she is to start on Saturday.

When people come together for a common purpose, there is a love that exists no matter what. Even in a group of people who would not normally mix, even if I am not having a good time, I find the common thread and try to live in harmony. That was my creed for the weekend. And so it must also be this coming weekend for her wedding.

I am working on adjusting to life back in the norm. It was a crazy weekend, but I was able to take care of myself amidst it all and come out thriving. I went for a drive over a bridge with nothing but water below and to the sides of me and it was breathe-taking. Georgia air is different, but it is the air I need. Wedding this weekend, hiking next. I can’t wait to get the mountain air in my lungs again!

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  1. You're in the home stretch, welcome back. We missed you. I'll be down in Hiram on Saturday, spending the night in Villa Rica, seeing my aunt on Sunday a.m., then back home, hopefully early afternoon. Talk soon?

    Love, Olivia Herrell